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Yes, you can send yourself to hell by committing suicide.  If in your despair you’ve been driven to the EDGE and you commit suicide, you will be sealing your fate forever. Don’t do it! Find somebody who understands the Gospel who will listen to your situation and interpret your experience in light of the Bible remedy. God wants ALL people to be saved. But when you have tried to deal with life without Christ, you can be overwhelmed by your circumstances and make a rash and sudden move to end your life. Don’t ACT when you are overwhelmed— seek counsel from someone who can guide you through the Biblical remedy for despair.  Furthermore, remember that by ending your own life you will not really be ending your own life. There is no escape from existence. When you die, you go either to heaven  or to hell— there is no “end” to your conscious existence, as the atheists claim. So if life NOW is miserable, consider that if you take your life now without proper preparation your afterlife will be far more miserable. And for those who have been born again, who because of stress and difficulty are again brought to the edge of despair (it’s possible!) if they contemplate suicide, they need to be reminded that once saved, always saved— their committing suicide will not send them to hell.

However, their state in the afterlife— their inheritance in the kingdom of God— can be forfeited by the rash act of committing suicide. You need to talk to somebody who can help you put this into perspective. Think of it like this: most of your present despair is due to regret— regret over things you did wrong, things that didn’t go the way you expected, disappointments, unrequited love, failed expectations, etc—  and if such  regrets have made you miserable enough to contemplate suicide, keep in mind that you will face the same regret in the afterlife. Don’t do something in this life that you will regret in the afterlife— get some Godly counsel and a healthy perspective NOW, which will cause you to change your mind about suicide, and in fact propel you to a whole new and healthy way of life for the remainder of your life— and forever.  Remember this: “Psalm 16:11  Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” If you’ve never experienced this pleasure or this joy, it’s because you’ve never been led into fellowship with God. This can happen NOW— if only you will allow yourself to be counselled by someone who knows the precepts of God’s Word, precepts which obviously have never been explained to you in a way that you could understand them.