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An analogy is a comparison of one idea or concept with another idea or concept. If something you know nothing about can be accurately compared to something you already genuinely understand,  (because it’s been a part of your life, something you have experienced,) an analogy can bring you to quickly  understand something completely new and different.

So much “education” is based on the beancounter philosophy that understanding something is the result of studying a great amount of detail in detail. But often such meticulous detail just winds up baffling ( or boring) the student.

It’s so much faster and easier to say, “an airplane is like a bird.” Even a three-year old can understand that.

The most important book you will ever read is the Bible, but it’s almost impossible to read. There’s just so much DETAIL.  So when people try to explain it, this often makes it  even worse, because they try to  explain it in terms only Christians can  understand.

So why START with the Bible ? Why not start with whatever people already know, and then compare what they know, with what they don’t know?

So, dear reader, I know you already understand a lot about the world. And you’ve already experienced many things, some things in “real life”, and some things “vicariously”, through  books,  songs, poems, films… whatever art form “turned you on.”

Well, pick through the thumbnails till you find something you recognize, something you already know… and let me attach an analogy to your heart, something you don’t know.

It’s a big universe. And everything you’ve ever learned is a link to everything that’s still out there to learn… and the fastest way to learn  is by analogy. Try it.