What IS Real

What is Real?


This video was produced MONTHS before we heard that Robin Williams had committed suicide. What is ODD is that Robin Williams is featured for his role in the film  WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, in which he plays a doctor who loses his wife to suicide. In the film, Williams goes to Hell to rescue his wife. Ironically, Williams must have tossed about the idea of heaven and hell during the making of this film, and you would think that someone would have shown him the Scriptures concerning these themes.

Oddly enough, we do not seem to mind discussing these themes in art. It seems that in stories, movies and songs we can speculate about the afterlife, even to the degree that  Richard Matheson does in WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and the Wachowski brothers do in the MATRIX films, but we are never supposed to insinuate that there is concrete evidence for a realm to which people go after death.

My purpose in ANALOGYMAN is simply to take the curious enquirer to a reliable source of the truth from which all these speculations are drawn. ALL fantasies about heaven and hell come from the truth revealed in the Bible. Since in our generation the Bible is considered out-of-date, and old-fashioned,  and unreliable, people are inclined to disregard it. But they do so at their own peril, because the Bible is really the only reliable source of the truth about these “spiritual realms“. And more important, the Bible gives the only effective answer to the question, “how can I escape hell and make it into Heaven?”

There is an answer to this question. The Bible says so explicitly in such passages as 1John 5:13:   These things have I written unto you… that ye may know that ye [can] have eternal life.”   You don’t have to GUESS like Robin Williams did… you can KNOW. But to KNOW you must get truth from a reliable source.

I do not claim to be a reliable source, but I do claim that I have found the truth in a thoroughly reliable source, and all I’m trying to do with this video is lead you to the place where you take the matter seriously  and follow through in your search for something more substantial than “annihilation” and the pervasive lie that “death ends it all.”

And please don’t be swayed by the “quality” of this video. I am not George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. They have the money and the talent to make “magic”… I can’t promise you magic, but I can promise you immortality, if you will follow through and do what the Scripture tells you to do with Jesus Christ.

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