People complain, “where is God? Why doesn’t he show himself?”  People who don’t know the Bible don’t understand why he remains “hidden in plain sight.”  For those of you reading this who think he doesn’t exist, or that he’s powerless, or just doesn’t care, I’m going to share what I’ve learned these last 35 years in the next few daily diary entries— and it may shock some of you. I’ll start with this entry.

There’s a saying in the Proverbs that goes like this: “Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird.”  [Proverbs 1:17]

If you’re going to try to catch pigeons with a net, don’t spread the net out where they can see you doing it.

God is dealing with men. He’s not some scientist in a lab-coat experimenting on the human race as if we were a bunch of lab-rats.  He’s not experimenting on us to discover something about us that he doesn’t already know. God already knows everything about everything. God is simply waiting and watching for us to change our attitudes. And when we change them—in the right direction, mind you— God does something wonderful to us, and for us, that literally lasts forever. 

He wants each of us to have this complete change of attitude. But he can’t MAKE it happen. It’s up to us to respond to his promptings and encouragements . Every day hundreds—thousands— of people respond. That’s GOOD. But there’s billions to go. That’s why time seems to be dragging on. That’s why after 2000 years He still hasn’t called a halt to history. He wants to give everybody a fair chance.     

“Not until the wounds of the world are healed, not until the last thirsty soul has been led to the river of life, has an able-bodied man a right to lay down his armour and call a halt.” (anonymous).

 God’s not willing to end history until everybody has had a chance to get prepared.